Lights Dance Festival 2021: Illuminations

The fifth Lights Dance Festival, Illuminations uses live performance and screendance to support Illuminating the Ills and wisdoms of 2020. Illuminations welcomes submissions from dance, movement, and performance artists. We will prioritize BIPOC/queer/trans stories and wonders of what’s bubbling to the surface for patriarchy’s marginalized yet nevertheless persistent and lovely children.


Illuminations are reflective and exploratory—with a third eye towards healing while reimagining what futures might emerge based on what necessities our wounds speak. This could mean many different things. We invite all of those things.


Lights Dance’s mission is to foster a stronger dance community across and beyond the Americas. We understand our 2021 festival as a catalyst for this community building. Illuminations will center exploring co-creating neo-traditions for grieving and healing, and celebrating our resilience–but also the life giving light of dance itself. This event will be a hybrid festival interweaving screen dance and live performances.


We will look for pieces that would best contribute to a future archive of embodied wisdoms for our communities (media format permitting): a shared online-offline community resource to support our own resistance-resilience-persistence.



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