Lights Dance Festival 2020: Shadows & Songs

The 4th Annual Lights Dance Festival, taking place from June 18-21, is curated around the concept of Shadows & Songs to consider our humanity in the changing landscape of communication and technology. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, we are not able to congregate in person this year. Instead, this season’s selected films will be made available for streaming for free. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite film for the Audience Choice Award! Learn more about the films in our two programs this year on our 2020 Program page.

Schedule of Events

Times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

Thurs., June 18; 7PM: Live opening ceremony, featuring live dance performances by Bethany Mitchell and Leigh Schanfein.
Thurs., June 18; 7PM: Launch of PROGRAM 1: BALLADS
Fri., June 19; 4PM: FREE Online Workshop: “Intro to Ballet with Leigh Schanfein.”
Fri., June 19; 7PM: Launch of PROGRAM 2: CHIAROSCURO
Sat., June 20; 7PM: Q&A with Angela Rosales Challis (Stages) & John Graham (Unfold)
Wed., June 24; 7PM: Closing ceremony with live performances and announcement of Audience Choice Award.



2020 Submissions

The 4th Annual Lights Dance Festival will be curated around the concept of Shadows & Songs to consider our humanity in the changing landscape of communication and technology. In the age of expedience and convenience, as we find it difficult to maintain a sense of self and dignity, we hide behind our computer and phone screens, our true emotions tucked away in compartmentalized crevices deep within. Although we are quick to swipe left or right, click ‘send’ or ‘order,’ we are slow to listen, slow to be mindful and be present. Instant gratification is prioritized; individuals, objectified. Lights Dance 2020 meditates on the ways we get close to each other just enough to still keep our true selves concealed, and how fear of rejection and disappointment is a haunting dance of silhouettes. Deep down, we all still crave genuine connection. We hope our selection of screen-dance and live performances will give all of us a moment to slow down and take a breath while challenging us to re-examine our lives clouded by control and busyness.

Performance Submissions

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LDF 2020 Zoom Events

LDF 2020 Audience Choice Winner

On My Skin (Sur ma peau) by Éric Oberdorff

Part of TRACES, a creation cycle imagined by choreographer Eric Oberdorff, Surma peau is a photography and screendance project made with female inmates in the Prison of Nice. This soul-stirring short film explores how traces of personal memory mould one’s sense of identity and desires. Congratulations to Eric and his team!