Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It moves and breathes in its own vibrant tempo, creating a safe haven for artists of all eccentricities. Dancers of  all genres flock to this city to spread their wings – literally and figuratively – and together they make Toronto an even more beautiful place.

Anastasia Loskutov  – Strangers in Toronto


  1. What is your earliest memory of dancing?

My best friend Liza Mironova I were “dance partners” at the age of 5, constantly putting on performances for the family in the living room, dancing as kids do. However, my first professional memory I can recall is my first dancing lessons at Victoria International Ballet Academy, at the age of 8.


  1. Could you please share a bit about your dance training and aesthetic?

My dance training strategy is to dance as often as possible with short term goals and long term goals. I enjoy rehearsing for a role and then working on weaknesses or techniques afterward. The key to results is to have a plan, stick to it, and really enjoy every step of the way. I find it very important to focus on being as clean of a dancer as possible, do my best to let the artistic expression and message of the role translate to the audience, and really live through and transform into my character on stage. My aesthetic of choice is classical ballet. I love the look and feel of the swan, the long limbs and elegance of it appeals to me immensely. I admire the traditional choreographies and classics but can also acknowledge and find the beauty in new emerging pieces of work.


  1. What inspires you as a dancer?

I am inspired by the progress and achievements of my fellow dancers, both local and international. Growing up, Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia was always what I considered the epitome of classical training, so I would youtube and watch as much as I could for inspiration and ideas. I’ve had the opportunity to train with amazing coaches and be surrounded by string dancers who motivated me along the way. Above all else, I really do think it is my deep love and appreciation of the art that keeps inspiring me.


  1. Why does dance matter?

Dance matters because it is an integral part of human expression. Dance is able to convey ideas, emotions, and stories in a way the written words cannot. It’s a completely different perspective on matters of love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, growth, and spirituality. Dance facilitates and inspires new ideas to form within the minds of the audience and the dancers themselves. Dance has evolved physically into the many genres that exist today, I believe, alongside the natural evolution of the human psyche and social structures. Its one of the purest form of expression and there is a beautiful vulnerability to it.


  1. In your opinion, what is special about the dance scene here in Toronto?

The Toronto Dance scene leverages the diversity of the city to showcase and connect the incredibly large variety of dancers and dances. I rarely attended a dance event that didn’t have global flavors and mixed styles. Toronto is a hub for dance innovation and I am thrilled to support and be a part of it.


  1. What are some things that you’d like to see change/evolve in our dance ecology?

I would only aspire to encourage more people to dance and watch dance performances. I believe the dance ecology is on the right track and is organically growing and self-adjusting to the waves of society and popular culture. Classics will always be around, and everyone can dance whatever styles they want. I would love to have more recognition of the arts and broaden the classical ballet scene.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself continuing as a dance teacher and also dancing roles that excite me from time to time. I will continue to document my journey on my social platforms and encourage other dancers to do the same. I see myself continuing to introduce and familiarize young students to this amazing art form and support as many youngsters and teens in their pursuit of a professional career while also simply spreading the love and joy of dance to anyone that is interested in it.