🎥 Artist Spotlight: Elias Djemil!
Sensitive traveller of the world of stories, explorer filmmaker in search of a universal language, a photographer with a discreet eye wanting to capture reality in its most authentic forms, Elias Djemil is an artist who wants to distinguish himself by his understanding of the world we live in and the one we aspire to.
You can see more of his work at https://www.eliasdjemil.com/ and catch his short film, “Franciszka” at this year’s 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival!


🎥 Artist Spotlight: Abe Abraham!
Abe Abraham received his BFA in Dance from the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University. As the artistic director of Abanar, Mr. Abraham creates video-art works that feature dancers from some of the leading dance companies in the world, including New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Complexions, Shen Wei, Stephen Petronio, and Dutch National Ballet. Mr. Abraham’s most recent work Salt Water has been presented in over thirty exhibitions and festivals around the globe. Awards for Salt Water include Best Film at the 31st Minimalen Short Film Festival, Best Editing at ANSFF, the Nova Art Prize in New York City and the Malamegi Lab 12 Art Prize in Milan. In June, 2019, Salt Water will be exhibited at Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe and FILE Art and Technology Festival in Sao Paulo.

His short film, “Salt Water” will be screening at the 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival!


🎥 Artist Spotlight: Rodrigo Rocha!

Rodrigo Rocha-Campos has been teaching the art and technique of camera and lighting for over 14 years as an educator in film schools in B.C., Canada and across film schools in Florida. At about 5 years ago, he started an additional career path by creating and producing content using screen dance as the format. To this date, Rodrigo has directed and produced 5 short dance films with generous international exposure including festivals in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Currently, he’s in post-production of his next dance piece – “Chapter V”.

Rodrigo’s short film, “4 ~” will be screening at the 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival on June 1st! Read his director’s statement below:
I’m usually drawn to unconventional stories of unconventional characters crafted in unconventional ways. My themes revolve around the dark and tormented times an individual goes through, and often on, without much relief by the end of the piece. In 4~ I wanted to create a world in which the desire to achieve perfection leads to obsession and ultimately its demise. With dialog replaced by movement, visuals and a wealth of sounds 4 ~ is sad and tragic.


🎥 Artist Spotlight: Baptiste Rouveure!

Baptiste Rouveure produced his first short films by the age of 15 years old before graduating his master’s degree in Paris I – Sorbonne. Today he makes several film for music videos and advertisements. At the same time, he pursues his work in fiction, where the movement and the physical language stay his favourite approach. Baptiste Rouveure questions our relations with our environment by a sliding of the real towards the fantasy.

In 2019, after about fifty selections in national and international festivals and eight prizes, Baptiste Rouveure makes his first feature film “Les animaux anonymes” (The anonymous animals), a fable on the relationship between man and animal.

Rouveure’s short film “Altera” featuring 13 phenomenal dancers will be screening June 1st at the 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival. Get your tickets to see all the phenomenal films and dances being presented!


🎥 Artist Spotlight: Fu Le!
Fu Le is a French award winner filmmaker and choreographer. Graduated in sculpture at the Art Crafts National School in Paris, he then trained in physical theater (Argentina) and in contemporary dance (Switzerland). He pursued recently his research in Taiwan, questioning social issues linked with urbanization. He is now evolving on the edge between dance, sculpture and video, and connects visual arts to the intimacy of bodily sensations.

Fu Le’s piece, “MASS” is screening at this year’s 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival! Get your tickets now!



🎥 Film Spotlight: Maura

MAURA follows the Cuban exile and successful dancer/choreographer all the way back to her former homeland. Seamlessly and sensitively shifting between documentary and dance film, the short film captures an exceptional and by no means enrooted artist with the on-going, drastic socio-cultural metamorphosis in Cuba as backdrop.

Maura is directed by Manfred Borsch and features Maura Morales, Michio Wiogardt, Jorge Luis Clavaire and Dania Alejandrina Morales Martinez!

Catch Maura at the 3rd Annual Lights Dance Festival this weekend! Get your tickets!



🎥 Film Spotlight: Vogue and Recreation

We’re excited to also be presenting a VR Piece: Vogue and Recreation at tomorrow’s event, co-produced by Justin Baillargeon and Sarah Choi!

Justin Baillargeon is a VR/360 filmmaker, a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship recipient and a Ph.D. candidate in Cinema and Media Studies at York University. He holds a B.A in Film Studies from Concordia University and a M.A. in Communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal. His doctoral research explores virtual reality, as well as 360 degrees curation and its distinct forms of spectatorship. He seeks to analyze spectator behavior and emotional involvement during various types of multi-sensory and embodied experiences whether seated, standing and room-scaled in different cultural contexts defined by commercial, educational and artistic objectives.

Sarah Choi is a screendance artist and curator who also aspires to be a comedic improvisor. She is currently an MA student in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at York and her research interests include kinesthetic empathy, VR dance, as well as ethnography. Upon completing her undergraduate studies in Biology, Sarah made a leap of faith by moving to New York City to study documentary filmmaking. Sarah won the Best Director Award at the Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival in 2012 and founded the Lights Dance Festival in 2016.