Lights Dance Festival 2021: Illuminations

Our fifth annual programming will be curated around the theme of Illuminations, shedding light on the Ills and wisdoms of 2020. Illuminations welcomes submissions from dance, movement, screendance, and performance artists, especially BIPOC/queer/trans stories.


The global pandemic brought our lives to a halt, taking away opportunities, touch…familiarity, but it has also offered us a sense of renewal and a chance to recalibrate in many ways. All of us are still processing what we have gone through individually and as a global community, so we hope this year’s festival to be a moment of collective reflection – a breather, a debriefing of sorts. Illuminations is an invitation to share griefs, newfound beauty, wisdoms – whatever you gleaned this past year. We hope that our events will be a time of connection as we lean into each other’s stories told through dance.


Lights Dance is not only passionate about creating a stronger dance community in our new home – Seattle – but also a global platform for dance artists from around the world. This year, we will return to our hybrid festival format, exploring dance through live performances and the cinematic medium.


Please join us as we celebrate our resilience and creativity in person this October.


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